Hello there – welcome to this blog

Don’t let destiny slip away. Make it”


Hello and thanks for dropping in!

This blog welcomes everybody who is on their journey through life.

During this journey we find that we are also creatures of habit – both good and bad.

Habits are Powerful.

They are hard to break once established since they are comforting, perhaps even addictive.

And we embed them into our daily lives by rewarding them. Until they take control.

My bad habits affected my relationships, my job, my health – my life.

For one, I stood on the wrong side of the credit card equation for many years. In one country we were even threatened with “personal visits” and a home invasion if I did not solve my credit card issues.

But your biography is not your life.

Change is possible.

I found 4 D’s to be of great value in overcoming changing my habits.

So what are the Four D’s?

Decision. Dedication. Discipline. Doing = A World of Difference.

Not only did it help us conquer the Debt Demon. It also helped me to finish my latest book.

Red Cover

Part One of the book is available in a red cover from Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Scribd and other outlets.

It covers four chapters and concentrates on the here-and-now – how to get rid of your credit card debt. It includes realising your problem, establishing your financial status, exploring your options and making the right decisions that will set your solution in motion.


  • Chapter 1 – Introduction and Benefits
  • Chapter 2 – The Most Popular Approaches – and Four Steps.
  • Chapter 3 – Resolve your Problem
  • Chapter 4 – Your Alternative Options.


The Full Feature book is available in black cover at the same outlets at a slightly Book front page jpeghigher price. It includes Part Two and Three as follows:

Part Two: Manage Your Financials

Part Two concentrates on the mid-term – how to maintain control of your finances. It discusses budgets and bills, your financial plan, how to minimize credit card rates & fees, 28 topical questions on credit cards, fraud and how to protect yourself against it. It also includes definitions of important terminology to help you understand “credit card speak”.

  • Chapter 5 – Money Matters and Your Financial Plan.
  • Chapter 6 – The Use of Plastic as Money.
  • Chapter 7 – Fraud and How to Handle It.


Part Three: Freedom & Life after Your Escape

Part Three concentrates on the long-term and discusses life beyond your credit card issues. It helps you put steps in place to stop a repeat, to live with and within a budget, to establish Long Term Goals (such as saving, investments, preparing for retirement) and protecting your Good Name, and takes a look at things money can’t buy.

  • Chapter 8 – You are Free – What Now?
  • Chapter 9 – Your Goals.
  • Chapter 10 – Your Good Name.
  • Chapter 11 – Technology and You.
  • Chapter 12 – Summary.

Feel free to share your comments and thoughts.

PS: There are yet a few books to follow. But now I am the cross-roads of genres and titles.



9 thoughts on “Hello there – welcome to this blog

  1. Regarding step 6: I keep my schedule for tasks to do with me, all day and every day. That helps not to forget and gives me the satisfaction of marking off those tasks completed! Thanks, the book “Over 65 and still in Demand” is very inspiring!


    • Hi Gilly, Thank you for your comment. Yes re-tire can lead to a “spare tire around the waist” (boepens being the Afrikaans equivalent) if one sits around doing nothing physical “in retirement”. Lucky for me, we are renting a house whilst waiting for ours to be built, and with the front and back garden having been in bad shape, I take great delight in restoring it (and the veggie patch) – watering, mowing, trimming the edges (on my knees). It is great physical exercise with understandably other benefits – least of all having fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and flowers – and it is a pleasure watching the birds do their bit of gardening as well. Final result: spare tire receding, muscles aching in the right places, sleeping well at night – and meeting “across the street neighbours”.


    • Thank you Maans. Much appreciated and delighted to have a (light-hearted) comment! Lets further explore the idea that the word “tirement” does not exist in the English dictionary, hence what sense does the word “re-tirement” make. The Japanese word “ikigai” makes much more intellectual and practical – not to mention profoundly spiritual – sense, since broadly translated it means “the reasons for which I get up in the the morning. My reason for ‘being'”. I subscribe to this meaning much more than to the English word that includes four-fifths of the word “tired” – and suggest that we adopt the word “ikigai” in the West. If there are any Japanese speakers out there, please also share your thoughts… And thank you again Maans!


      • Choose the correct “TYRES”……….the negative ones will bring you down! The positives ones WILL “reverse” your years………and enable you to go into overdrive!………now that you do not have to work……but LIVE!


      • Hi Maans, Thank you for your comment. Yes negativity will “bring one down”, whilst living positively may not be able to reverse chronological age, but will definitely “reverse your other ages” including physical, mental and spiritual. One should LIVE, whether working or not.


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