“Misogynist. Racist. Human Dreg. Buffoon. Idiot. Pompous. Cheat. Narcissist. Arrogant. Bombastic. Jerk. Stupid. Obnoxious. Disgusting. Bully. Ignorant. Clown. Disgraceful. Axxhole. Idiot. Demagogic. Fake.”

  • These are some of the labels that have been used to describe candidates in the recent USA presidential election.

The word “misogynist” refers to males.

There is of course a female version i.e. “misandrist”.

  • Would there be a “misandrist” or two amongst those who freely used “misogynist” as a catch cry to vent their feelings?

Psychologists suggest that we should “look in the mirror” when we use derogatory words to describe others, to see if we ourselves are perhaps “standing behind the door”.

However unwelcome this suggestion may be…

  • Can one really pigeonhole a person with a single or even a few words?

Some people describe certain animals – including cows and bulls – as sentient beings, i.e. of conscious mind, with the ability to perceive and respond to sensations of whatever kind.

However, the world is now a place where we have become so smart that a complex human being can be categorised in 140 or less characters. World-wide and instantaneously.

Or in a 5-second soundbite.

Or a single word which reflects your (limited) understanding of what “truth” that single word conveys.

Really? A single word?

  • If you consider yourself a rational and complex human being, then what label will the following people attach to you once they see the labels that you so “rationally” attach to other people:
    • Your partner?
    • Your children?
    • Your friends?
    • Your enemies?
  • And which of those labels would you say really describe you?
  • Is it time to look in the mirror?
  • Or are you comfortably standing behind the door?


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The 2016 Word of the Year is defined as “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief”.

Spoiler alert: Human beings are susceptible to feelings, emotion, personal belief, passion, changeable moods, frustration, love and even hatred.

If we dissect this word, we find it concocted of two words that suggest that there has been (political) truth before this moment.


  • Which I beg to differ.


Are we to say that politicians and CEO’s of large and influential corporations spoke only the truth before the most recent USA presidential election?

And that there has not been any fake news before this?


  • The answer is a resounding “NO!” on both counts.


Amoral politicians and said CEO’s have been leading whole nations into a dazed maze for generations, not only since 2015 – and with the help of a guilty and an amoral (and sometimes immoral) media.

To quote Bertrand Russell “Politics is largely governed by sententious (i.e. given to moralizing in a pompous or affected manner) platitudes which are devoid of truth” (my brackets).


Post-truth is a silly word.

We are still living in a Pre-truth world.

And Bertrand Russell’s quote relate to more than politicians only.

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