A Touch of Present, and Past


Credit Card Debt Freedom in Four Proven Steps saw the light of day during August.

Spring is but a few days away and we have already had some great days. In fact sunshine is creeping onto the desk as I am writing.

And I can’t wait to go sit and write on the patio – accompanied by bees and butterflies.

Both Welcome to the One Broken Leg Club” and book 4 – possibly a historical novel/novella OR a thriller – are keeping me busy.

The garden is thriving with “new stuff”. Eggplants were new on the menu earlier this year. The garlic plants experiment is going well. Baby carrots find their way into my daily salad bowl. The peach tree is hibernating but the lemon tree has remained steadfastly green in unison with the lawn. And fresh cobs of corn for BBQ and soup also look promising.




50 PERSPECTIVES – The Value of Things Unseen” has been out since Nov 2015, and available in paperback, hard cover and ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Collins in Australia, Indigo in Canada, Winstons in the UK and on Google. Made it before Xmas!


Prior to 2015
Dymocks 2

OVER 65 And Still In Demand is for sale and on display at Dymocks and Collins Booksellers Moonee Ponds, Australia (see The Gallery Page on this blog)

OVER 65 And Still In Demand was on display at the Miami Book Fair from 22 – 24 November 2013. See Gallery

A Book – At Any Age : Speaking at Writecamp 2013 at Singapore Writers Festival – 10 Nov 5pm, National Museum.

Presenting at WriteCamp2013 - Singapore Writers Festival


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