Change of Gears


“We are who we choose to be”…. Spiderman


My second book “50 PERSPECTIVES” started whilst writing my first books since it was born out of chapter 12 of “Over 65 And Still In Demand”. So I thought it was going to be an easy write. But it was not. Or perhaps it was but I found ways to make it long-drawn.

Book Two took hopelessly too long to write, even taking into account excuses for things like moving house, establishing a garden, doing side jobs, the summer (brain melts), the winter (brain freezes), being too sober, being to this or too that.

It just took too long. Plain and simple.

Stephen King says you should not take more than 3 months – one season – to write a book. Stephen has not been to Melbourne, Australia. Here we have 4 seasons in a day. I can’t write four books in a day, sorry Stephen.

Anyway, I have listened to other writers (even the ones who write erotic novels) and they all seem to be able to stick to a 3-month cycle for a book. So OK who am I to be an exception to that RULE? The next book will have to be written in 3 months. Challenge is going to be to find (a) an agent who will get it sold to a publisher and (b) a publisher willing to take a chance on a (blank space).

I have started on a novel but it is going to take longer than 3 months. So I will write a shorter and easier book on something I know more about and titled “Welcome to the One Broken Leg Club

Why this title? Visit “Meet Me” on my blog .

Blessed is the writer who finds his or her genre immediately and stick to it. I wrote my first book basically because I was old enough to do it. I could write from the perspective of being 65 and still being in demand….

….well for a bit.

And then one morning in Kuala Lumpur my work boss and I had an interesting discussion during which I decided to become unemployed 6 weeks’ later. Richard and I are still friends. And I explained to him one evening over food and a “few” beers (which he paid for) that I was busy writing the book at the time and it was probably the right time for me to wave the IT industry goodbye anyway – for good, or maybe for bad.

Richard now lives in New York – a city that I never really had the intention to visit, but later took quite a liking to in the short week that I was there on a job-related trip.

How did I change my mind about the Big Apple?

Well a good friend showed me around. We visited Grand Central Station (a work of art), walked down to the UN building (I like to knotted revolver statue), walked up to Fifth Ave (my wife spotted the handbag shops on the photos!), Madison Square Garden and the Rockefeller Center, past the RCA building, had lunch at a little Spanish place, on to Times Square, past the National Debt Clock (my credit card debt nearly matched it once) and Empire State Building, took a cab to Wall Street to see the Stock Exchange, visited the Twin Towers site. Down Broadway on to the Charging Bull. Stopped by a street artist to have a sketch done, walked down to Battery Park and its brave squirrels and had a look over the Hudson towards The Statue of Liberty (my sequence could be out of order a bit, but its ok.)

I now want to go back for a longer visit.

Samuel Johnson would have made the same quote about NYC that he once made of London, had he been to The Big Apple (“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”).

Am I going to change styles? Genres?

No I don’t think so. “65” was a serious book and I could not let rip with my quirky, off-beat, borderline insolent way of writing (which sometimes raised a laugh or blood pressure, at other times offended, confounded or confused – depending on whom you were) – which I will now freely apply in my next book.

I will of course also blog some of the blog-able parts – but Reader Beware, this is going to be a different ride: Less serious. More Impudent.

Hopefully you will find something of value – if tickling your funny bone can be considered of value.