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Just finished my fourth book which is also my first novella “THE ESCAPE“, now to be published on Amazon and draft2digital sites.

In this, the first book of a multi-part series, Peter Carter, an art collector with a questionable career choice, is jailed for a crime he did not commit, which then turns into a protracted nightmare.

His unexpected rescue by an unknown benefactor is pre-planned but does not unfold as it should. Carter finds himself with his son in a place of no escape and with the odds stacked even higher than they were in jail.

Carter is about to find out whom he can trust and who is hell-bent on letting him pay for a past sin he is not guilty of…

Sound like fun? Yes it is. In fact, writing is more than fun.

Before this I wasted 41 years of my life warming all sorts of chairs in the IT industry.

Thank God sanity prevailed somewhere during that period and I took 3 years off at age 34 for an extended back-packing trip which I had hoped would end up with me owning a small steakhouse on the beach of a little-known island where a future Hemingway, King, Rowling and perhaps a few movie and rock stars could hang out with their toes in the sand.

It didn’t happen and I returned to IT. Till 2012.

When sanity revisited.

Writing provides a lot more freedom in contrast to getting ready for project meetings, explaining project schedule overruns – due to buggy and oversold software – to unhappy clients, and budget overruns to “what-the- #@%*&-happened-here!” MD’s and CEO’s. Sales always got the big bonuses. Short-staffed and often inexperienced implementation teams had to mop up afterwards. And top management predictably kicked the wrong butts.

I was in the butt-sore implementation team. Life was not meant to be fair. One day I might just write a “How Not To….” expose on my near 42 years in the IT industry, but will probably get sued for telling the truth.

I now have the freedom to sleep in on cold mornings, get up for a break after a few hours’ writing, mow the back lawn and return to my desk with the smell of freshly cut grass enticing a potpourri of birds to drop in for lunch.

In late afternoons I go swing a golf club in the park across from our house. On sunshine days. And my daily walk in the veggie patch – which we share with bees and butterflies – is a veritable joy! Nothing beats Mother Nature!

Life takes strange byways. I was standing in a taxi-queue one lunchtime on the way to a client and saw a bloke with loads of movie-making stuff slung about him.

“Are you in the movie business?”, I asked talkatively.

“No, I’m a camera-man for the BBC, but if you are interested in the movie business, look up Mandy.”, he said as I got into the cab.

HmKris Moller Photo Montage 2014-03-22 for blogm, I though. Look up Mandy? Hmm. Mandy who? So, late one night I looked up Mandy. that is. Some arts student wanted an elderly person as a “baker” in a music TV film. I went for the audition, got the role, had it changed into Indiana Jones (“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory”) and so started my foray into the acting business – which lead to a full feature move (see at the bottom of this intro).

I am married to my beautiful wife Ervina “Bokkie” Moller with whom I now enjoy a more pedestrian life. I love reading, writing, music, watching and acting in movies, other art forms, travelling, animals, adventure in general and talk (too much) about any subject.

So, here’s to a fulfilling life that gets busier as I age. Yes, I am thinking of a few other surprises to commit (if that is the correct word).

And for those who worry about life after age 30yes there is an “Action Replay” button .

It is called “Retirement”.

Something that I do not tire of.

My 2nd book “50 PERSPECTIVES – The Value of Things Unseen” has  been out since 250 PERSPECTIVES - Photo of the book 2015-11-234
Nov 2015.

My first book “Over 65 And Still In Demand” did not make me rich, as most IMG_4009new writers soon find out about first books.


In 2012, whilst still project-directing some IT implementations, I finally achieved one of my life’s ambitions by playing a role in Faeryville – a feature film by Tzang Mervyn Tong, award-winning underground filmmaker and screenwriter from Singapore. The film had its red carpet world premiere to great reception in Los Angeles, followed by red-carpet appearances in several other locations including Singapore and Australia.



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  1. Hi Kris,
I wish I had found an email address to message you there – but please feel free to delete this after reading as it’s not intended as ‘spam’!
    Anyways, it’s Jennifer from Young & Twenty.

    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it

    I thought I would write to you to let you know I started a Kickstarter campaign I’m devoted to accomplishing, as it will let me do great things with Young & Twenty. If you can help fund or spread word of my campaign, your support would be incredibly appreciated.

    My most sincere thank you,


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