Other than the news out of Paris – which continues to be horrific, this was “yesterday’s news”.


A grown man beat up a 17 year old kid in a car park. The kid had accidentally reversed his car into the man’s car – and bumped the tow-bar. No noticeable damage to the man’s car.

The kid was in hospital for days and took 6 months to recover from black eyes and other wounds. Not to mention he is scared to go anywhere.

The court gives the man a couple of hundred days to learn how to control himself. No assault charges.

The man says he snapped because he had a bad day at work.

  • Maybe the parents of the boy should hire a few big guys who had a bad day at work and teach the guy a lesson about bad day behavior.


An 18 year old drives a car (no permanent license) into a bus full of people many of whom land in hospital.

The 18-year old gets a suspended sentence and a suspended license, which he don’t really have anyway.

His excuse? I was on the drug ICE.

Operating a car whilst under the influence of drugs has now become extenuating circumstances.

  • Maybe all doctors should operate under the influence of drugs and claim extenuating circumstances when people die. Let’s expand it to the airline pilots. And ambulance drivers.

The magistrates’ excuses? The jails are full.


Well, then let the offenders out then but hit them with other ways and means – not suspended sentences.

Make them recompense their victims. If they don’t have the finances, sell what they have and make them work. If they wont, then deal with them differently. And there are ways, believe me.


Here is a story that I experienced in 1965:

I played cricket against a team of guys who were from a young men’s correction facility. They told me that their “management” would feed them for a certain period of time during which they were given seeds and animals.

  • They had to plant and raise the animals to feed themselves. It’s called “learn responsibility”.

No work, no food. And the other blokes in the “home” would sort out the lazy ones.

They won the match against us. And they were a proud bunch. I went back to visit some of them.


  • You cannot suspend financial impact or death or being in a wheelchair after an accident.

So why would you suspend responsibility – or rather irresponsibility?


It is time the world grows a sense of responsibility and the only way that is going to happen is to stop dealing out suspended and lenient sentences to people who literally sometimes get away with murder, and physically, emotionally, psychologically maim others permanently.


We have become too politically correct. Too lenient.


We are sliding back into the cave. Fast.


It is time for the Common Folk to march on the institutions who are supposed to govern and get them to get “our house” in order – or to leave.


The alternative – I fear – is that people will suspend with the authorities and take things into their own hands – as I said: and slide back into the cave.



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