“… Do not let the hero in your soul perish…” – Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged


“PERSPECTIVES” are excerpts from my forthcoming book of the same name, available from Partridge Publications early 2015


Nobody is irreplaceable.

Every 4 to 8 years the president of the USA is replaced. And the world carries on.

This may not be good for anyone’s ego, but no-one is irreplaceable. Over time things change and so with it the “irreplaceability” of everyone. Queens and kings come and go. Presidents and Prime Ministers are replaced – and countries keep rolling right on.

There may be social, emotional, possibly financial impacts, though – affecting those who remain behind – and then again, some of these impacts and outcomes may actually be beneficial.



I have left numerous employs throughout my life – large, medium and small – and every single time they went straight on with business. It might have caused a hiccup or two but they survived.

So, and this has been said before in a poem titled “There is no irreplaceable man” (also known as “The Indispensable Man”) attributed to Saxon White Kessinger, part of which is quoted here:

“Take a bucket and fill it with water,
Put your hand in up to your wrist,
The hole that you make when you leave it,
Is the measure of how much you’ll be missed.”

This may sound disheartening, but remember that we have all been born for a purpose – a mission – and are thus valuable and important within measure in the Grand Design.

We may be the water that rush in to fill the hole.

Irreplaceable – No.

Valuable – Yes.



We make friends at school. Move away to different towns, cities, universities and stay in touch – for a period of time. Over years relationships fade – some into nothingness, others into a thin guise of what it once was. Still others remain strong but sporadic. Some form partner relationships, even get married.

We start careers, and the same cycle repeats itself.

It is called “Life”.

And most of us will continue to repeat the cycle – knowing that in the end we may have a handful or perhaps a few more dear friends within our inner circle.

In the final analysis – and throughout life – this is what counts: The few we can rely on – now and in years from now – to support us with more than a few words or short phone calls when we are in need.

Irreplaceable – No.

Invaluable – Yes.



Time can be considered the only truly universal condition. You are not able to buy, rent, hire, or manufacture more of it. But it has also been said that when you really take a look at the perfection and the beauty that is a newborn baby, you realize that Life itself is irreplaceable.



People fall in love, get married and have children. Death strikes, leaving one partner or a whole family devastated. My brother died a few years ago and my sister-in-law was an emotional wreck. Time has healed part of the loss but when we talk with her on special days, the hurt still shows in long-drawn silences.

In many lives emotional disappointments threaten to drag people under. People get fired from their jobs. One or both partners in a relationship may fall in love with others. One of the parties may feel diminished. Divorce or months – if not years – of heartache follows.

The measure of a person is how they step over disappointment, job loss, the death of a loved one, unfaithfulness. Solace can be found in friends, memories of good times, religion, new relationships, new jobs – but the disappointments will revisit from time to time, hopefully tempered by the memories of better moments.

Irreplaceable – No.

Valued and loved – Yes!



Every well-managed organization has a succession-planning strategy in place, and those who do not, are playing with the continued survival of the organization.

Families should have a similar approach – not a succession plan, but a plan that will soften the blow and serve those who are left behind one day when we exchange this life for an eternal one.

Irreplaceable – No.

Valued and loved – Yes!



Life and Time are irreplaceable as they seem to speed in different directions – the fuller Life becomes, the less Time one has remaining – converted and stored as closeness with loved ones, friendships, experience, memories – turned into legacy beyond our three-score and ten years on this earth.

In the greater scheme of things – though we may only be one stitch in the Carpet of Life, our souls – Yes our Souls are irreplaceable. Don’t let them perish, and…..

Take care of the journey you take yours on.



  • There is no irreplaceable person.
  • In the final analysis, there are only a few people one can depend on for unconditional support.
  • Though Time can be considered the only truly universal condition, Life itself is irreplaceable.
  • The measure of a person is how they step over disappointments and heartaches.
  • Families should have a plan to soften the blow when beloveds depart.
  • Life and Time are irreplaceable as they seem to speed in different directions.



  • Find and live your mission and purpose.
  • Build a small personal inner circle support group.
  • Live here and now. The past has gone and the future will one day not arrive – for all of us.
  • Buffet and strengthen yourself emotionally against disappointments. Every Life is dealt some.
  • Prepare and guard against the loss of a loved one.
  • Take care of the journey you take your Soul on.




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