“There are three rules for writing a novel. Unfortunately, no one knows what they are”

  • Somerset Maugham


“PERSPECTIVES” are excerpts from my forthcoming book of the same name, available from Partridge Publications early 2015.


The Pen is mightier than the Sword – and often leads to profoundly social outcomes – as vividly underscored by Shakespeare, Dante, Socrates, Rousseau, and an ink-well full of past and present-day writers.

More than 80% of all Americans think that they should write a book. Only about 2% have done a manuscript and even less publishes it eventually. It is never too late and you are never too old. Or too young.

J.K. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter series in 1990 and only published in 1997. She is now the richest and first billionaire author on the planet. Whilst the money is obviously important, her larger measure of success is the millions of youngsters who started to read storybooks again at a time when reading was not in fashion.

Writing stimulates your creativity and depending on what you write about, may require you to conduct research, organize content, focus, make choices, practice patience, reread, rewrite, walk in the shoes of your characters – and many more verbs and nouns – whilst being your own best company most of the time.



Some writers prefer to work in the freshness of morning. Others write in the warmth of afternoon sun. And then there are those who write with the moon and stars as companions.

I mostly write during the day – the mind liberated by soft piano music and rippling water sounds. But there are times when thoughts and words present themselves after midnight – and if I do not quickly capture them they evaporate by dawn.

To each their own – finding their own space and time in which to turn creative thought into words that communicate between minds.



Writing is mostly a solitary and lonely activity.

Blessed are those who – when writing about factual matters and contentious issues – can entice a few red-pen-ready proofreaders to provide a form of social interaction whilst also being a critical sounding board.

They are worth their weight in gold bringing their skill, knowledge, judgment, experience, their care through a set of different lenses to the attic from where you write, since as Ernest Hemingway observed “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”



Thoughts know no bounds, imagination has no limits.

The mind has carte blanche to create with inspiration – inventing storylines, plots, names, situations, challenges, relationships, beginnings and endings, timeframes, giving birth to and destroying galaxies, and with it, taking the reader on amazing journeys with impunity.



The emotional aspect of writing can be summed up in one word – “roller-coaster”.

Some days are diamond. Others are dust. With an alphabet soup of emotional feelings in between. Days when words, nay whole sentences tumble out so fast that I do not have enough fingers to capture them. Other days even two words are sworn enemies – refusing to live on the same page.

The solution to this is simple: Keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing. Polish later.



The Power of The Word can reduce grown men to tears and raise heroines on horseback to lead an army!

It requires for both body and mind to be prepared for an act of emancipation whilst simultaneously confining you to a state of solitariness, accepting ownership and parenthood of the words you write and the ideas you expound, creating a link between yourself – the storyteller – and your audience – the readers. Arousing within them images, perchance even sounds and aromas at the turn of a page.



With writing – as with traveling – the journey is as important as the destination.

For some it can become a pilgrimage leading to adjustments in life – perhaps even a catharsis. For others it may be humbling to realize that as individuals we know so little about so much whilst simultaneously being able to celebrate a God-given talent of creativity and an opportunity to enrich where and how we live and love.

Our Lives are all unique and writing is one way of giving Voice to it!



  • Writing turns Thought into Words that communicate between Minds.
  • It is a mostly solitary and lonely activity, though proofreaders provide some social interaction.
  • Writers often experience a roller-coaster of feelings during the writing process.
  • Writing is an act of emancipation.
  • It requires dedication and ownership.
  • With writing the personal journey is as important as the destination.



  • Do not wait till the urge grabs you – set a time and work at writing every day.
  • Find and appreciate faithful proofreaders.
  • Take your readers on a magical journey – it is your duty as a writer.
  • Keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing. Get the draft down – then polish.
  • Accept ownership and parenthood of the words you write and the ideas you expound.
  • Give Voice to your Talent.




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