We are all equal in terms of rights; it is not birth but virtue that should make the difference” – Adapted from Voltaire


Inequality in conditions is a fact of life. But equality of rights and opportunity should be the keystone.

It is a fact that due to a number of factors beyond your control you are different from any other person on the planet. But you are not lesser of a person than anyone else. Only different.

Opportunities may abound for those who are born under a certain circumstance, but almost any person can be anything and anyone they want to be – as has been proven with regular monotony – depending on how they see themselves, their perspective on life and how they make use of opportunities, which are often self-created.



Physical differences are inescapable, even if you are one of an identical twin. And that is where the difference should – but not always does – stop. It is my belief that this is one of the main points of departure for most discrimination – an unforgivable wrongness visited on vast multitudes of people by those who fear or are ignorant of the value and qualities of those they discriminate against.



We are all equal in terms of rights – or rather, should be. Virtue should be the differentiating factor. Stories abound of people who have moved between social classes (despicable though it may be, they do exist) through self-application and a “can do” attitude.

For me the measure and worth of a person is counted in the way they treat the less fortunate amongst us and those who are different from themselves – including those we refer to as the animal kingdom.

Strive for equal treatment in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, color, disability and age. Find inspirational stories that are unbiased – in terms of specifically politics and religion – as a basis for personal motivation. Then embrace personal growth.



Empower yourself by way of learning, training and introspection. Leave behind the thoughts and people who will hold you back, keeping you entrapped and enslaved in their ways of doing and thinking, often for selfish reasons.



I grew up in a racially divided country, now married to a lady of different ethnicity and the emotional impact of discrimination against her – by way of diminishing comment, aggressive behavior and yes, at times even swear words which leaves her emotionally hurt and frightened – is often compellingly visible to me.

Other than a wish for war to disappear, my next wish would be for discrimination to evaporate.



As a concept “intellect and being intellectual” is defined as a mental ability that allows beings to understand and through which things can be known. This is not the prerogative of any one person, elite group of people, a nation or even mankind. I question the approach that we are the intelligencia of the universe – and need to reach out to other life forms, including our animal friends. Animals understand and things become known to them. They show hurt and affection as we do and I daresay that it is not only instinct that guides them.



Death – the Great Equalizer – does not discriminate, even though the tenets of religions include a promise of a better life beyond the present. We will eventually all “shuffle off this mortal coil” (to quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet) – some early and quickly, others older and in greater pain – however, spiritual preparedness will provide fortitude and ease the fear of those who are staring Death in the face, as well as the pain of those who remain behind.

Until then, we will do well to remind ourselves that “different” does not mean “lesser”.


Key Principles

  • We are all different from one another, even those who are identical twins.
  • We are all equal. Virtue should make the difference.
  • Some thoughts and people may entrap and enslave you by way of doing and thinking.
  • My next wish would be for discrimination to disappear.
  • Intellect is not the prerogative of only some.
  • We are all equal in the presence of Death.

Action Steps

  • Stop discrimination.
  • Strive for equal treatment.
  • Empower yourself by learning and introspection. Disregard and escape those who hold you back.
  • Don’t discriminate against what you don’t know or fear. Reach out and learn about it.
  • Exercise your mental ability that allows you to understand and know things.
  • Prepare spiritually for the End of Life Cycle you live in.

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