PERSPECTIVES: Transition OR Stagnate



“Train your DNA to accept change”


Change – and how we handle it – reveals who we are.

“I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been “No” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something.” Steve Jobs.

Build your destiny one change at a time.

We are always in transition – a work in progress. And change brings with it uncertainty, fear – and an opportunity to learn and to grow. Uncertainty presents you with the opportunity to weigh things from different perspectives. As for fear, whilst it is good as a motivator, do not allow it to seep into your Soul and destroy you.

One of the sad myths is that Senior Workers do not adapt. A light needs to be shone on this fallacy. Fact Number One is that Senior Workers had been adapting all their lives – that is why many are still turning the wheels of industry. Fact Number Two is that the world keeps changing for all Generations of the alphabet – X, Y and Z’s – not only BB’s (read Baby Boomers), hence the challenge for all is to “Adapt – or Die”. Both old and young dinosaurs became extinct, not only the Senior Ones.

The secret is to learn how to adapt, how to handle and accept change. And Seniors may just have a slight edge here – having adapted through 60+ years of change, and still doing it.



In moving from birth through adolescence into maturity we transition though much physical change. There are those who would like to remain paused longer at some of the various points on the way but it makes more sense to enjoy each stage as you move through it – “to live in the moment”.



Nowadays very few of us are born, live, and die in the same “village”. We are thus bound to experience change brought about by moving from one place to another – engaging in new positions of work, meeting new people who may become future friends – and new opportunities.

We develop social circles as part of growing up, going to school, college and eventually work. In the process those whom we meet are accorded a place in one of our three inner, middle and outer circles.

As we grow, we realize that our preferred relationships will become a valuable part of our support structure in later life, especially for women – who currently tend to live longer than men.

Good relationships make life worthwhile, and we should “water” those that we want to keep.



A multitude of changes impact on us throughout life, and oftentimes simultaneously. Some require more mental energy than others – and with more reward. It is notable that those who succeed in life, are themselves the change they want to see in this world, rather than expecting the world to change to fit in around them.

It, therefore, helps to spend your energy transitioning with change – whilst maintaining the core tenets of your life – rather than to spend your energy fighting it.



You never stand on the banks of the same river twice. You never go back to your old hometown. Both change. Do not search for past joys to repeat themselves. Nurture the ones that present themselves now, and let them nurture you in return.



Life does not come with a manual. You have to work it out for yourself as you go along.

There is a difference between being a product of your past and being a prisoner of it. Destiny should not be by chance, but rather by choice.

And it may help to realize that the path of change follows a certain set of steps: Open yourself up > Step into the fire > Learn > Change > Grow. If you do not, Life will soon disappear in the rear-view mirror.



Respect the journey you have been given. There are pauses and stops on the way – some enjoyable, others less pleasant – and though you may seem to be able to wander off the trail from time to time, you will visit all your pauses and stops.


Key Principles

  • From cradle to grave we transition though much change.
  • As we move physical location we experience social change and meet new friends.
  • A multitude of changes impact on us throughout life.
  • We never stand on the banks of the same river twice.
  • Destiny should not be by chance, but rather by choice.
  • We will visit all the pauses and stops on our Journey.

Action Steps

  • Enjoy each stage of Life as you move through it.
  • Develop your preferred relationships as part of your support structure for later life.
  • Spend your energy transitioning with change rather than wasting energy fighting it.
  • Do not search for past joys to repeat themselves – nurture the present ones.
  • Open yourself up > Step into the fire > Learn > Change > Grow.
  • Respect the journey you have been privileged with.



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