Does Practice Make Perfect?


There are good and valid reasons for both retiring early or delaying retirement, depending on your point of view, the stage of life you are in and what you want to do from here on with your life. Finance and health are also two significant factors, as is your ability to keep working.

  • Question: Why would you want to do a “retirement practice run?
  • Answer: Early discovery and thus a chance to recover, if necessary.

Practice Run – Eleven For

There are at least 11 good reasons to do an “early retirement practice run”.

  • Be the master of your destiny earlier.
  • Get out with an abundance of energy to do what you want for the next 40 to 50 years.
  • For those who do not believe in an afterlife – this is IT.
  • Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow may never be. Today is a present to unwrap.
  • Review and revise your priorities from those that you had when working for a boss.
  • Spend more time on enjoyable and productive things than commuting for hours in a day.
  • De-stress earlier. Make your own schedules:  eat, nap or get a massage when you want.
  • Spend more quality time socializing with your family, relatives and friends.
  • Spend more time getting into the swing of things with your hobbies, especially if you intend to turn them into money-spinners eventually.
  • Live life at your own pace in the “here-and-now“, not waiting for a year-end holiday and then regretting that it rained, was expensive and over so fast.
  • Give yourself enough time to find an opportunity to re-enter the workforce if you must.

Practice Run – Eleven Against

On the other hand, there are at least 11 reasons why you may want to delay retirement.

  • Save and grow your nest egg.
  • Enjoy your job and the benefits that come with it longer.
  • Enjoy your work social life a bit longer.
  • Stretch your healthcare cover and out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Keep building your social security benefits.
  • Delay your taxes where possible.
  • Remain in demand at work, thus keep stimulating your mental capacity.
  • Teach, train and mentor the next generation.
  • Delay living on a sparser budget. Or live on a sparse budget now, to have a bigger nest egg.
  • Take the time to build your retirement structure.
  • Start your hobbies now and sharpen them over time.



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