86,400 – They Can Give You A Watch – But…


What To Do With Your Day


They can give you a watch – BUT they can’t give you TIME

Time is central to Life – and so, to Retirement


Entering the retirement phase does not mean “mission complete”. In fact, it is paramount that you rediscover your drive and revisit your passions and purpose in life, to re-affirm your vision and mission as discussed earlier at least three to five years before you enter retirement, in order to help you plan the transition properly.

  • Time is of the essence in everything that you do or not do, even when you sleep.

So, what is time?

To answer this question, will lead to a philosophical discussion that will take several books and as many years – and from which we shall best refrain.

For sake of ease, we will settle on 86,400.

That is the magical number of “seconds” per day that each and every living being has on this planet. No more. No less. Unless they depart early.

But to be practical, you may want to divide it into morning, afternoon and evening time frames.

Whatever we set out to do, or not do, will be “measured” by this. We have no control over it, other than to manage ourselves and our activities in relation to it.

Ingeniously, other than a watch and a calendar, we have developed a simple tool called a schedule to help us manage and measure our activities, our progress and achievements in a sane fashion against “Time”.

This chapter discusses the schedule as a tool – why and how you should construct a schedule to help you package and direct your activities – to basically help you plan “what to do with your day”.

What to do with my day - Schedule jpeg


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