Who Wins At Bowls?


On Relationships

A Life Worthwhile

Good relationships make life worthwhile.

To be sure, we stand in relation to everything else in the universe, but that is maybe too big a concept to wrap our heads around.

Hence we need to reduce it to a more tangible and understandable level – family, friends, and the rest of society.


Whether it is with family, friends, at work or in general – your relationships make you feel worthy and help you to grow in more aspects than one. It engenders trust, acceptance, support and relates you to people with whom to share and celebrate your ups and downs, your wins and losses. It reduces stress and gives you an overall sense of belonging, satisfaction and happiness – a feeling that you matter after all.

Bad relationships have exactly the opposite effect.

Goodbye’s and Hello’s

Retirement changes and interrupts and therefore impacts relationships and you should take this opportunity to re-align, add to, change, diversify and even perhaps spring-clean some of them.

When you retire from work, you almost certainly retire from a large portion of the relationships that you have built up over years. Experience has shown that very few, if any, of these will continue throughout your retirement.

  • You will need to review your current and past relationships in terms of this shift.

There are of course those relationships that remain, mainly with your partner, your children, living parents and other family as well as the core of two or three close friendships that you have developed over time.

At the same time you will almost certainly establish new relationships with those in your new environment, especially if you move location or start new hobbies and ways of leisure.

This will happen regardless of whether you plan for it or not – and will have a significant impact on your relationship structure in retirement –  and it is advisable that you start working on establishing this structure  years before you actually go into retirement.

This is also the right time to put the “power and the punch” back into those relationships that you value – to basically reshape your relationships. There are various ways to do this such as through existing and new hobbies and interests, friends and social networks.

Hobbies and newly developed interests will take you on a path of self-discovery. You will get to know and befriend a new set of people and possibly learn new skills that will enrich your life in all aspects. You may for instance start to play bowls on a regular basis which will result in physical work-outs, stimulating conversations and meaningful new relationships over time.



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