Four Ages Meet Four Pillars


Chapter Thirteen

Bringing It All Together

Life is Priceless

“Life, including retirement, is priceless.

Do not procrastinate it away”.

Money can be printed. But Time and Life cannot – they are God-given Gifts. Treat them with the respect they deserve.


What are you going to do with the 30+% of your life that you will be spending in retirement?

William Sadler’s four Ages of Living can be used to put the continuum of life into perspective, i.e.:

–        The First Age is for Preparation

–        The Second Age is for Achievement

–        The Third Age is the Age of Fulfillment

–        The Fourth Age is the Age of Completion.

With so many talented baby boomers arriving at The Third Age it may well become the Age of Extended Achievement.

This stage of your life brings with it a newly gained freedom and maturity within most if not all aspects of life, allowing you to see it from a different perspective with which to unlock the Real You.

Up till retirement day your life in all probability revolved around, and was embedded in a milieu which was at most only partially of your making and representative of what you did at work, including meetings, spending lunchtimes with friends and other activities that absorbed the larger part of your day and at times part of your evenings and perhaps even weekends.

This must now be replaced by a new in-retirement structure based on – and this is important for spouses – an agreed vision and mission, whilst your purpose and passions will help to define and direct you in a sensible manner throughout the remainder of your life.

Jacques Delors’ third and fourth Pillars of Education i.e. “learning to live and finally learning to be” round this out perfectly.

Time is of the Essence – for you and all around you. Do not procrastinate it away. Find your “reason for being” to keep getting up in the morning. Re-invent yourself, dust off your unfulfilled aspirations, find new ones and put a plan in place towards achieving them since there is much to celebrate.


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